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Where should you Incorporate: Delaware or WA??

If you are a Startup and you are headquartered here in the State of Washington, more often then not, you are better off incorporating in the State of Washington. Yes, I do know that Delaware has strong case law and VC’s and angel investors may be more comfortable with Delaware but it does not mean […]

Workers Compensation for Business Owners

The University of Washington Business and Economic Development Center is currently offering a business certificate program for local business owners. I enrolled in the program and although I do have a business background I have found it very valuable.  Last week the instructors were from the Department of Labor and Industries. They spoke in great […]


You have come to the right spot. Below is a list of people that I have either worked or collaborated with and would trust enough to refer you to their services. CPA’s and Bookkeepers Deborah Asavarahapun Accounting for Small Business LLC 6308 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115 206-522-0698 office Jeffrey Levell Count on […]

Business Accounts: What do Banks require to open an account?

I recently met with Francie Han, Vice President, Business Deposit Specialist at IronStone Bank for lunch. We met late last year at a networking event in Bellevue. Since that time Francie has gone out of her way to introduced me to a number of members of her network.  As a business owner it is important […]

Reclassifying an Independent Contractor into an Employee

As we all know well, Independent contractors (ICs) must pay their own state and federal income taxes, and with employees an employer has to collect federal taxes and pay part of the Social Security and Medicare taxes. As a result, a number of business owners prefer to hire Independent Contractors. However, there exists a fine […]

Is the person working for you really a disguised Employee?

Hiring Independent Contractors are a great way to get the additional help you need without having to worry about withholding taxes. Its also a good way to find out if the person you’ve hired to work for you is the right fit. However, the question that arises in the Employer/Independent Contractor scenario is whether the […]

A Guide to Etsy’s Terms of Use

In our previous blog post on Etsy, we covered key business considerations to keep in mind when starting an Etsy shop. And we went over some ideas for marketing using social networking and provided useful tools to help expand your visibility on Etsy. This blog is going to focus on your rights and obligations as […]

Using Etsy For Your Business

How are you reaching out to your client-base? Choosing the right venue can be tricky. With more artists and crafters increasing their online presence, promoting your work is not as straightforward. Beyond marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, or Craiglist, the alternative is to select a niche service that connects your business to customers that seek out your style and specialty. One […]