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Planning for Best Practices in Merchandising, Amazon Averts Trademark Infringement

Could Coca-Cola sue a diner for offering Pepsi to customers who requested Coke? Clearly not, according to a California federal court that didn’t find any problem with Amazon’s merchandising practices. Multi Time Machine, Inc., (MTM), a watchmaker filed suit against Amazon for displaying competitor’s watches whenever Amazon customers searched for MTM’s. In this specific case, […]

Does the Seattle Paid Sick/Safe Time Ordinance Apply to Your Business?

All employers with employees working in Seattle, even those who only work in Seattle occasionally, need to read-up on Seattle’s Paid Sick/Safe Time ordinance (PSST for short). If PSST applies to your business, it establishes minimum standards for paid sick leave and safe time for most of your Seattle employees. These minimum standards do not apply to […]

Social Purpose Corporation, Maximizing Sustainable Business in Washington State

In Washington State, being socially conscious doesn’t mean choosing between doing good and doing good business. Incorporating or reorganizing as a social purpose corporation (SPC) allows socially conscious businesses greater flexibility to support social and environmental goals. What makes this emerging corporate entity unique is that maximizing the financial bottom line isn’t a social purpose […]

Navigating Pinterest and Its Copyright Challenges

In the 2 years since Pinterest launched itself as an invite-only social bookmarking service, the size of its user base and web traffic have made Pinterest into a social network heavy weight. Consequently, we need to understand how Pinterest handles third-party intellectual property. In relation to such content, in this post we discuss how is used on the […]

SOPA and PIPA: Breaking Down the Bills and Possible Affects on Internet Piracy

With the recent Internet-based blackout by big names in protest of the two bills, it’s worth going over the proposed law and its potential impact on online piracy.   Targeting Piracy With Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) The current mechanism for addressing internet piracy utilizes takedown notices through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This allows rights holders to ask […]

Effective Date 2012: Local and Federal Legislation Changes and Extensions

With the New Year in full swing, it’s a good time to consider new laws that will take effect in 2012 (and to be reminded of some that remain in effect). Effect of Washington State’s new liquor law on local restaurants, bars, and craft distilleries. The annual adjustment of Washington’s minimum wage. New employment-related changes […]

Incentives for Seeking Copyright Registration

Before we get into this blog post, I want to point out that copyright registration is optional and it is not a requirement for copyright protection. So why seek copyright registration at all? There are three key incentives to register your work: Filing for copyright registration is a prerequisite for bringing a lawsuit for infringement. Registration […]

What’s In a Name? Tips for a Protectable Trademark

Before becoming dead set on adopting a particular word trademark, make sure it is worthy of protection first. Doing your homework can both inspire during the naming process and later decrease the chances of discarding a weak word mark.  This is where the spectrum of distinctiveness comes into play. The spectrum of distinctiveness illustrates the […]

Restricted Stock and IRS Section 83(b) Election

Making a § 83(b) election for restricted stock can be a complex decision due to the inherent risks involved. It is best to get the advice of legal and tax counsel before making this decision. The election deals with property subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture. The reason its so popular for founders of […]

Clarifying the Tax Issue for Yoga Studios in Washington

Yoga in Washington State has been in the focus for the past several years, but not just for its spiritual and health benefits. Since 2008, the state has been pursuing yoga studios in an attempt to properly collect an excise tax. As a result, it is has become crucial for yoga studios and teachers to […]