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Hey, Foundry: Authorized Shares & Ownership

Email from a recently formed two founders start up: “Hey, Foundry, when you formed our corporation, I thought we had 10 million authorized shares. Why do we only have 4 million shares each and not 5 million if we are 50-50 owners?” At Foundry, we frequently receive questions like this. To start, it is standard […]

Working Interviews

Working interviews are a good way to see if the interview candidate has the basic necessary skills for a job, especially where a resume description of the skill may not suffice. Typically, the working interview is no more than a day or two, but in the case of a groomer, I think the interview would […]

Too Broad, Too Narrow or Just Right? The Importance of Classifications in Trademark Applications

At first glance, it may seem peculiar that the same trademark office would allow the registration of seemingly very similar trademarks; take “Apple Records” (the Beatles-founded record company) and “Apple Inc.” (the computer company), or the “San Francisco Giants” (they play baseball) and the “New York Giants” (a football team). Each owner of these separate […]

Creative Commoners: The Rise of Crowdsourcing Contests in Advertising:

The rise of video advertising spending (projected at $8.04 billion in 2016), has helped to pave the way for open innovation and collaborative creation as a cost-effective, creativity-efficient means to reach the masses. Coupled with the rise in video-enabled social media usage – from Instagram to Vine to Youtube – and its spread across almost […]

Delaware passes into law the Public Benefits Corporation

  Great news for Social Innovators! Delaware has passed into law the formation of Public Benefits Corporation and the forms are up and running as of August 1, 2013. The public benefits corporation (PBC) is a new option for businesses and entrepreneurs that are for-profit enterprises with a social mission.  This will allow enterprises to […]

Crowdfunding Act: What could it mean for the Entrepreneur or Startup?

The Crowdfund Act is an amended version of the JOBS ACT that will permit the SEC to allow for certain types of investments by individuals who don’t normally qualify as qualified investors under the SEC to make investments through SEC Approved websites. The Act has successfully passed both the House and the Senate. There is […]

Community Presentations

Upcoming Presentations Past Presentations “Going Solo” University of Kansas School of Law October 4, 2011 (Interactive workshop on the mechanics of launching a solo law practice) “Social Media and the Cloud: The Rise of New IP Concerns” Seattle Technical Forum September 14, 2011 Bellevue City Hall “Cloud Computing Essentials” WSBA-CLE, WSBA Offices August 25, 2011 […]


You have come to the right spot. Below is a list of people that I have either worked or collaborated with and would trust enough to refer you to their services. CPA’s and Bookkeepers Deborah Asavarahapun Accounting for Small Business LLC 6308 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115 206-522-0698 office [email protected]         […]

Business Accounts: What do Banks require to open an account?

I recently met with Francie Han, Vice President, Business Deposit Specialist at IronStone Bank for lunch. We met late last year at a networking event in Bellevue. Since that time Francie has gone out of her way to introduced me to a number of members of her network.  As a business owner it is important […]