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Hey, Foundry: are you now in Spokane?


Foundry Law Group is excited to announce its expansion into Spokane, Washington with the hiring of Spokane-based business attorney, Asif Lundstrom

“I joined Foundry because the firm’s culture and approach to the practice of law is unique and reminds me a lot of the high-growth tech companies I previously worked for: agile, client-centric, and focused on building tools and processes to provide efficient, high-quality services. I am excited to expand the firm’s reach into Eastern Washington and offer entrepreneurs, creatives, and growth-stage technology companies a tailored approach to legal planning.”  –  Asif                                                                      

Since 2009, Foundry Law Group (formerly MK Singh Law) has built a reputation of building lasting relationships with high growth companies, local businesses, and entrepreneurial-minded clients by offering a fresh alternative to traditional law firms. We look forward to continuing our reputation as we expand into Spokane and serve Eastern Washington’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Does the Spokane office offer the same services as Seattle? 


Just like Foundry Seattle, you can expect a myriad of transactional business services from Foundry Spokane. These include: 

  • Incorporation and formation guidance and support; 
  • Advice on stock issuance and option plans;
  • Co-founder agreements or separation; 
  • Corporate and LLC governance;
  • Contract drafting, reviewing, and negotiating;
  • Fundraising and securities; 
  • Technology and software licenses and agreements;  
  • Company sales and acquisitions; and
  • Ongoing startup and general counsel support. 

As with Foundry Seattle, you can also expect transparent up-front pricing, including flat fees or subscriptions for most of our services. 

What industries will the Spokane office serve?

Foundry Law Group serves a wide range of entrepreneurial-minded clients who want to build a long-term business relationship with their attorney. Example of current clients include:

  • Startup founders and emerging technology companies; 
  • Local food and beverage companies such as breweries, restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks; 
  • Health and wellness companies;  
  • Consultants and service-based partnerships; and
  • A variety of freelancers and creatives. 

Want to know if we are a good fit? Reach out. All initial consults are free of charge. Our goal is to make sure we are a good fit for your business. If we are not, then we are confident we will have a solid referral for you. 


The attorneys at Foundry Law Group have years of experience in helping businesses and individuals from idea to company inception through all stages of growth. If you have any questions or are curious to see if Foundry can help you, contact us for a free consultation. Foundry Law Group is here to help!


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