You have the vision.

We’ll help you bring it into focus.

Foundry’s flexible, cost-effective approach to pricing focuses on what works best for the entrepreneurs and growth-stage companies we serve. We understand the unique challenges that lean businesses face when it comes to managing their financial health, and every aspect of our practice is designed with those factors in mind.

Committed to transparency and efficiency in everything we do, we deliver more of the targeted support our clients need without the costly extras they don’t.

Results, not hours.

Rather than racking up billable hours at your expense, we get the job done (and done right) as efficiently as possible.

Hands-on support.

Because our small, collaborative team isn’t bogged down by bureaucratic processes, you can count on timely, effective and cost-saving legal guidance from seasoned attorneys who actually know you and your company.

Predictable pricing.

We work closely with you to develop a clear, customized pricing agreement that keeps you in control every step of the way. We offer flat-fee pricing for most of our services to help you conserve more of your resources.

Take your resources farther. Learn more about our most popular pricing options below.

When it comes to your legal
budget, you deserve a custom fit.

Maximize your resources with a pricing plan designed around you.

At Foundry, we believe that legal costs should never be a hurdle to your business’s development. That’s why we’ve taken an unconventional, growth-oriented approach to legal pricing. We work closely with each client to design a customized plan that fits their current and future budgetary needs.

Part-time Legal Counsel

Once we have an established relationship and understand the ebb and flow of your legal needs we encourage clients to consider our fixed rate quarterly subscriptions to support your business on an annual basis. This is a unique model that honors the value of our growing relationship. At this point we would be knowledgeable about your business and priorities and would be able to support your team (sales and marketing included) in reviewing contracts, policies, employment and other matters to help make the right decision for the business. You will receive priority access to our teams and curated relevant experiences to help your business thrive with a trusted partner to take one hat off your CEOs plate.

Project-Based Pricing

This option is ideal for our clients’ shorter-term project needs. You will receive a proposal that will outline the scope of your project and the associated fees. This method allows you to pick and choose your legal services, paying only for what you need at a given time.

The Entrepreneur's Business Package

The Entrepreneur’s Business Package is a more comprehensive set of services that can be customized to fit the specific needs of a range of entrepreneurs and startup businesses. This Business Package generally includes company formation, contracts, intellectual property counseling and a strategic legal plan for your business’s next steps.

Contact us to discuss which pricing option might be right for you. Whatever option you decide, we ensure that you will not be charged for minutia, but for real and effective legal guidance.