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Foundry Law Group is a team of business, technology and IP attorneys offering innovative entrepreneurs, startups and growth-stage companies a targeted approach to legal planning. Rooted in the local business community, Foundry is dedicated to building customized legal strategies that support our clients’ long-term success. Foundry’s legal officers think and act like members of your internal team, giving you access to a partner who truly knows your business and is vested in its ongoing health.



Our experienced business attorneys provide the comprehensive support you need to establish, develop and transition your company. Because we always focus on your big picture, every decision we make is in the interest of your business’s future health and sustainability.



Your business is one of a kind, and we can help you keep it that way. The Foundry team tracks the latest developments affecting our clients’ brand and intellectual property security, applying that knowledge to develop proactive strategies for comprehensive asset protection.

Doing things a little (or a lot) differently?

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At Foundry, we don’t just think like entrepreneurs; we are entrepreneurs. Like many of our clients, we’re blazing trails and setting precedents, boldly going where traditionalists can’t and developing smart solutions to brand new problems.

We come from a dynamic network of startups, creatives and business leaders. It’s our shared innovative spark that keeps us learning, growing and prepared for what’s next. It’s what connects us so deeply with our clients and our community, and it’s what inspires us to keep getting even better at what we do every day.

Foundry is an essential resource to our start-up software company. Madhu quickly became a trusted advisor to my executive staff, and has helped us refine our legal operations. She acts as if she is an owner of the company, and cares deeply about our success. Her focus on start ups brings with it a great perspective and insight we find invaluable.

Greg Baker

Co-founder, Visably

Breaking the mold, together.

Contributing to the success of Seattle’s business community.

Our clients span a wide range of industries, including technology, new media and product development, and each comes to us with a distinctive personality and business vision. In all their diversity, their common thread is one we share as well: a knack for forward-thinking innovation. Bold, ambitious and unapologetically unique, our clients keep us on our toes and at the top of our game.

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