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Break the mold.

Keep growing your business. We’ll focus on safeguarding it.

Foundry offers comprehensive legal support for entrepreneurs, startups and growth-stage companies. As active members of our dynamic business community, we know firsthand that conventional legal approaches don’t always suffice when it comes to tackling brand new problems and seizing unprecedented opportunities.

That’s why we’ve engineered a more agile model for growth-oriented legal support. Like many of the businesses we serve, our small, highly collaborative team emphasizes efficiency, flexibility and creative problem-solving.

From the start, our ultimate goal to be with you for the long haul, helping you do what it takes to move your business forward.

Read on to learn more about our main areas of business legal support: Laying the Groundwork, Growing your Business, and Transitioning your Business.

Formation, growth and beyond.

Your one-stop shop for comprehensive legal support.

Learn more about how we help our clients achieve their business and IP goals.

While business support and intellectual property protection often take companies to two separate firms, Foundry offers both service areas in-house. We see your initial business foundation and your asset protection as part of your company’s larger story, and our model integrates the two accordingly. Our dual capacity and holistic approach ensure your big-picture legal plan is cohesive, sustainable and aligned with your vision for your business.

Go farther. Get there faster.

Your legal team can do so much more.

Designed around the evolving needs of the entrepreneurs and growth businesses we serve, Foundry offers our clients a fresh alternative to traditional legal support. Our structure, services and big-picture approach give business owners a critical edge when it comes to maximizing their resources and achieving their long-term goals.

Nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our unconventional business model hands-on approach support collaboration, transparency and productivity. Grounded in a meaningful understanding of your brand, your people and your vision, Foundry legal officers think like part of your internal team when it comes to making the best decisions for your business’s future.

Pricing to promote growth of your business.

Foundry’s growth-friendly, flexible pricing options reflect our commitment to focusing on what works for growing companies. We’re committed to cutting inefficiencies, and we offer a flat fee for most of our services. With a choice of retaining part-time legal counsel, project-based support or a more high-touch engagement as offered by our Entrepreneur’s Business Package, clients can count on cost-effective service that meets their needs. Predictable packages for most of our services and giving our clients the flexibility to choose the best fit for their bottom line. Learn more about our flexible pricing options.

Ear to the ground. Finger on the pulse.

Seattle’s energetic startup and entrepreneurial community is a deep well of knowledge and a rich resource that helps our team stay abreast of the ongoing changes and challenges in the business market. At Foundry, we make a point of understanding the drivers and people behind the latest trends and the impact it has on our clients’ ability to do business.