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Move your business forward.

Keep thinking big with a legal plan
as original as your business.

Staying current and competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment takes hard work, but it doesn’t feel that way to us. Entrepreneurs ourselves, we thrive on the unprecedented challenges and opportunities our clients face as they venture into new legal territory. Built on a commitment to our clients’ ongoing success, every aspect of our practice—from our core services to

our internal structure—is carefully designed to help you achieve your business goals affordably, efficiently and in step with the qualities that make your company one of a kind.

From the start, our ultimate goal is to be with you for the long haul, helping you do what it takes to move your business forward.

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We know what it takes to build something great.

It takes sweat. It takes imagination. And it all starts with a spark.

MK Singh Law was a precursor to the Foundry Law Group. A growing need for MK Singh Law to evolve in order to keep pace with its client base inspired founder Madhu Singh to establish the Foundry Law Group.

At Foundry, we know when a system needs an update. Our story began in 2009, when founder Madhu Singh established MK Singh Law (a precursor to the Foundry Law Group) to offer local businesses a fresh alternative to the traditional law firm model. Madhu’s big idea? To cut inefficiencies and focus on growth, sustainability and long-term planning. Over the years, MK Singh Law helped clients across a number of industries take their resources farther to achieve their business goals.

Responsive and resourceful, MK Singh Law was an intuitive fit for its growing client base of startups, entrepreneurs and business innovators. And as Madhu’s clients and their industries kept evolving, she grew right along with them. In 2013, Madhu established Foundry Law Group: a collaborative, locally engaged and uncompromisingly client-focused team of legal officers targeting the priorities, budgets and new legal needs of Washington’s growth-stage companies.

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The more we evolve, the more we renew our promise: to help our clients move their businesses forward.

We get it. Because not
getting it is not an option.

You work hard to stay ahead and so do we. Dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the critical legal edge they need, "getting it" is at the heart of Foundry Law’s core values.

We get innovation.

Great businesses are born out of bold experimentation, smart risk-taking and an ongoing exchange of new perspectives. Our own flat-structured business model encourages Foundry’s team to value ideas over egos and efficiency over hierarchy. This outlook lends us a level of flexibility that makes Foundry the ideal partner for today’s growing companies. We focus on what works, not just what’s been done before, to deliver the customized and effective solutions our clients need.

We get adaptability.

Pioneers in technology, innovative product development and new media, our clients aren’t the types to sit still—and neither are we. Our attorneys are dedicated networkers, avid trend followers and prolific bloggers who thrive on new challenges and game-changing technologies. As we continue to deepen our knowledge base, we retain the agility it takes to help our clients succeed.

We get results.

We handle your business like we handle our own: with a focus on big-picture growth and sustainability. Our proactive approach and flexible pricing allow us to maximize both your time and your resources to meet and exceed your business goals. And because our legal officers work closely with you and your team every step of the way, each decision we make is tied to your core values, vision and long-term objectives.