Build Your Business

What’s next for your business?

Wherever you’re going, we’ll help you get there.

Our knowledgeable business attorneys provide comprehensive support with everything you need to establish, develop and transition your company. Because we always focus on your big picture, every decision we make is in the interest of the long-term health of your business. Every step of the way, we also offer customized Intellectual Property services to ensure your business assets remain secure as your business evolves.

Read on to learn more about our business legal support: Laying the Groundwork, Growing your Business and Transitioning your Business.

Foundational Services

Laying the groundwork.

Hit the ground running with a proactive legal plan.

From the earliest stages of your business, Foundry can help you chart a course for long-term growth and security. Whether you’re still developing your vision or are already off to a strong start, we’ll help you identify your current and future needs to build a customized strategy for your ongoing protection and sustainability.

Our early-stage business services include:

Business Formation.

  • Select and form the correct business entity
  • Reviewing governing documents
  • Restructuring

Initial financing

  • Friends and Family
  • Angels
  • Alternative types of financing
  • Convertible Debt/Promissory Notes
  • Revenue Share Agreements

Personnel agreements

New hire packets

Service contracts

NDA and Confidentiality agreements

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policies

Trademark registration

Asset management strategies

Growth Services

Growing your business.

Put the right pieces in place,
the sky’s the limit.

We’re fired up about helping you take your existing business to the next level. With growth comes a number of new steps including contract drafting, personnel management and intellectual property protection. In close collaboration with our affiliated network of CPAs, patent agents and financial advisors, we can help you navigate this phase smoothly to keep your company growing strong.

Our business growth services include:

Contract drafting and negotiation.

  • Master Services Agreements
  • White Label Agreements
  • Reseller Agreements
  • Engagement Agreements
  • Revenue Share Agreements
  • Employment documents
  • Licensing Agreements

Hiring and management of employees

Licensing of Trademarks, Trade Secrets, and Business Assets

Transition Services

Transitioning your business.

You’ve put in the work.
We’ll help make the next steps easy.

We know that restructuring, merging or selling your business can be an exciting and challenging process. We recognize the hard work you’ve put into building a great business, and we focus on choosing the transition strategy that works best for you. Foundry works closely with your team to ensure your needs are met and your assets are protected every step of the way.

We provide business transition assistance in these and other areas:

Mergers and Acquistions

Selling your business

Joint ventures

Strategic partnerships

Restructuring your business